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Posted by Shaun King | Mon, November 09

Have you heard about lifetime retirement plans and wondered what they are and how they might impact you as a plan sponsor? A recent Institutional Retirement Income Council (IRIC) report examines... >> read more

Posted by Shaun King | Fri, October 02

Today’s “sandwich” generation is feeling the squeeze from both sides (of the bread) as they try to assist both aging parents and children. Nearly a fourth of the U.S. population “have one or two... >> read more

Posted by Shaun King | Fri, August 28

Today, women may equal or outnumber men in the workforce, yet many are woefully less prepared for retirement than their counterparts. Five years ago, women accounted for 47 percent of the total U.... >> read more

Posted by Shaun King | Wed, August 26

Helping employees prepare for retirement is an obvious goal for many plan sponsors, but did you ever consider the role your efforts can play with helping couples improve their financial... >> read more

Posted by Shaun King | Tue, July 28

There are many behavioral barriers to saving for retirement, but have you ever likened those hurdles to picking fruit salad over cake? This light-hearted analogy kicks off Curious Behaviors... >> read more

Posted by Shaun King | Fri, May 01

No matter the age, most people love playing games. Whether the activities are traditional board games, mobile apps, or video games, people enjoy the fun, learning and reward that games provide.... >> read more

Posted by Shaun King | Wed, April 08

The many documents and filing requirements by the IRS and Department of Labor can leave you overwhelmed and swimming in paperwork. Yet, as a retirement plan sponsor, you must keep nearly all plan... >> read more

Posted by Shaun King | Mon, April 06

Do your Gen X employees feel a little bit like middle children? Stuck between Baby Boomers and Millennials, they may seem a little left out or invisible if retirement plan education and... >> read more

Posted by Shaun King | Thu, April 02

Most students of the English language remember learning all of the grammatically correct ways to write and speak with the proper tense. Year after year, and teacher after teacher, we learned that... >> read more

Posted by Shaun King | Fri, February 13

Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to spread some lovin’ to your employees by adding to, or improving upon, a matching contribution formula for your retirement savings plan. Just as with other... >> read more