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Posted by Shaun King | Mon, October 05

Retirement. The word invokes a variety of responses from people, but quite often the reactions are negative. Little wonder, since dictionaries define retire with negative sentiments such as... >> read more

Posted by Shaun King | Wed, August 26

Helping employees prepare for retirement is an obvious goal for many plan sponsors, but did you ever consider the role your efforts can play with helping couples improve their financial... >> read more

Posted by Shaun King | Mon, July 27

Investments by their very nature are often risky. When those investment dollars are meant for a future retirement livelihood, the thought of risk puts many retirement plan participants in a... >> read more

Posted by Shaun King | Thu, July 02

A successful retirement plan requires a team approach to address all the moving parts. Much like a cycling European Grand Tour stage race, each member of the team has one or two distinct and... >> read more