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Posted by Shaun King | Fri, February 13

Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to spread some lovin’ to your employees by adding to, or improving upon, a matching contribution formula for your retirement savings plan. Just as with other... >> read more

Posted by Shaun King | Wed, December 03

There is a distinct disconnect between what many plan sponsors think employees want and what those participants actually want when it comes to planning and saving for retirement. In fact, a recent... >> read more

Posted by Shaun King | Wed, November 26

The retirement plan industry is ever-evolving and keeping up with all the rules and regulations is time-consuming. What’s more, plan options and benefits, plus fiduciary responsibility and... >> read more

Posted by Shaun King | Fri, November 14

You know 401(k) plans are essential to future retirement goals, but do you communicate regularly with your employees about the necessity and the benefits? While industry predictions vary, most... >> read more