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auto enrollment

Posted by Shaun King | Mon, July 06

Many employers today are turning to auto enrollment as a way to increase retirement plan participation and to help employees better prepare for their future. Yet many of these same employers worry... >> read more

Posted by Shaun King | Mon, May 18

Have you ever considered how some long-standing idioms and sayings can apply to retirement plan engagement and participation? For instance, think about: Seeing is Believing; Lead by Example; and... >> read more

Posted by Shaun King | Mon, May 11

There is nothing quite like a looming deadline to bring your retirement plan documentation in order. Indeed, you now have just under a year to meet the April 30, 2016 Mandatory Plan Restatement... >> read more

Posted by Shaun King | Tue, January 20

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) hit the Big 4-0 last year and prompted many employers and retirement plan industry members to wonder if the law is 40 and fabulous or suffering... >> read more

Posted by Shaun King | Wed, December 03

There is a distinct disconnect between what many plan sponsors think employees want and what those participants actually want when it comes to planning and saving for retirement. In fact, a recent... >> read more