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Fiduciary Documentation

Does your fiduciary file demonstrate a procedurally prudent process?  Ours does.

Fiduciary Documentation

True fiduciary risk management comes from operating your plan correctly. Our professional advisors assist you with establishing and documenting practices that support your fiduciary obligations. As Investment Advisor Representatives, we join you as a fiduciary on your plan for the investment advice we provide.

We guide you through a well documented fiduciary governance process to oversee your retirement plan.

This process includes reviewing all aspects of your plan such as:

  •  Investment Policy Statement
  •  Investment Selection Monitoring
  •  Employee Communication and Education
  •  Legislative Updates
  •  Plan Fee Analysis and Benchmarking
  •  Understanding Your Requirements Under IRS Code Section 404(c)

Fiduciary guidance and support for corporate retirement plans…that’s our business.

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